A Little Christmas Spirit, Featuring Ellebay’s “Emily Jane” Dress!

Ellebay wishes you a…

This list was supposed to go here, but ended up long enough to deserve a post for itself! However, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, thank you.

Also, huge thanks to Michelle for coming to the shop and letting me take some quick snapshots of you in one of Ellebay’s dresses. This gown’s new, by the way! Here’re some more photos of it:

Dress Specs:
Bodice Lining: Duchess Satin
Bodice Overlay: Trillium Lace
Skirt Lining: Charmeuse
Skirt Overlay: Silk Seersucker Chiffon

Also, who else is sad about the lack of snow? I’ve been dreaming of a white christmas for what feels like my whole life.

Ahh, if only life could be on photoshop. Merry Christmas!!

– Gaby Bayona


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