The Hong Dress #3

Somewhere between all of our gown fittings, appointments, and extra curriculars, my mum and I found some time to work on the construction of this gown! Sure, maybe this meant staying at Ellebay until two in the morning last night but hey – that’s business.

Last time we pinned the gown, and this time we’re making adjustments accordingly!

The new and improved bodice pieces.

Matching up each piece of the bodice is vital for an evenly shaped dress.

Gotta shape them bra cups!

The front of the reshaped bodice.

The back of the reshaped bodice.

– Gaby Bayona

PS: This post wasn’t written at 3 am! It’s probably not as interesting (literary-wise) but I’m still gonna give myself a pat on the back for today’s personal achievement.

PS #2: I’m at the shop right now with my mum working on the dress s’more! We’ve put the lace on the gown and it’s looking real good 😉


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