The Hong Dress : #5

School, photos, blog, Ellebay. Over and over again. Throw in a dash of sleep, a lot of food, and a whole lotta coffee, and that’s basically my life – especially over the past week. I’m probably juggling a bit too much right now, but life’s not always a beach or a walk in the park or a cat on a rainbow going nyan-nyan-nyan or what have you. It’s a good thing that hard work usually pays off, as all the exciting new things that have/are going to happen will be so worth it. Stay tuned, I’ll be sure to share it all with you! 🙂


With everything going on, it’s nothing short of a blessing that two new interns started at Ellebay this week! Both of them graduated from the Fashion Design program at Blanche Macdonald, and they’ve been all sorts of amazing so far. I’m super excited to work with them and it’s going to be so great to have some fresh faces at the shop!

Speaking of, the gal pictured below is Ching Lin. Today was her first day interning for us, and to our excitement she’s got the perfect measurements and the perfect height to be a fit model! We’ll FINALLY be able to properly make gowns in a size six. We were planning to take a break from designing and instead focus on all of the custom orders we’ve been receiving, but it looks like we have reason to design at least one or two more!

Check out that action shot. Just a little bit of what y’all miss whenever I’m too busy being the fit model and can’t snap some photos!

The bodice before.

Annnnd, the bodice afterwards. It’s still only roughly pinned, but it’s certainly taking shape!

It’s starting to look like a proper gown, hey? Ching Lin, you’re a superstar for putting this on – thanks a ton 🙂

– Gaby Bayona


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