Ellebay’s Product Photo Shoot : Sneak Peak

Today began with an alarm clock set at 6:20 …  and then another one at 6:30 … and finally the “seriously Gaby get the heck outta bed” alarm set at 6:45. Those who know me are well aware that 6 AM is more likely to be my fall-asleep-hour rather than my wake-up-hour, but today was an exception as it was Ellebay’s photo shoot day!

Allow me to bring you back to 2011. Back to simpler times, when the impending doom of 2012’s winter solstice was but a far event in the future. I had been meeting with Ellebay’s website designer, and talks of an updated website were stirring. New layout, new mood, new photographs, new everything. Exciting, hey!

One thing that I really wanted to focus on was an updated and professional product page, which was the main purpose of today’s shoot. More content will be popping up sporadically over the next month, but for now here’s a sneak peak at some behind-the-scenes photographs taken by the amazing Stefanie de Best of Stefanie de Best Photography!

HUGE thanks to the following people for making today wonderful!

Jeremy Jude LeeSeriously, what would this shoot be without you. If you handed me the unedited photos straight off the memory card I would be more than happy. Shout out to RF Productions for lending Jer the lighting equipment – you guys are the best!

Stefanie de Best: So happy that we were able to work together! You were a pleasure to have for the shoot, and I seriously must’ve been in over my head when I thought I’d have time to film the footage myself. Love the behind the scenes photos I’ve received so far; can’t wait for the rest!

Krysta UYou were so natural in front of the camera and had THE most infectious smile!  Two things: 1) I thought about it some more, and you are a total cross between Keira Knightley and supermodel Natalia Vodianova;  2) Your idea to take some photos featuring pretend tears and Kleenex a la emotionally happy bride? Pure genius.

Alissa H: You were a total lifesaver, honestly. If it wasn’t for your prompt replies and willingness to squeeze the Ellebay shoot into your busy schedule, I have no idea what I would’a done! You’re an amazing model, have such a natural grace and ease, and are a cool gal to boot!

Kyla Slusar: You read my mind perfectly when it came to hair and make-up; I couldn’t be happier with the results. Love that you’re able to do both by the way – did I tell you that? So glad that we were finally able to work together, and I hope we’ll be able to collaborate again!

Ching-Lin Lo: I wasn’t planning on having an extra hand during today’s photo shoot, but boy am I thankful that you were there! From the jewelry styling to the dressing to the alterations to helping with the insane clean-up that was left behind – you’re amazing!


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