January’s Product Shoot: #1

After a battle of epic proportions between uploading ALL of the shoot photos and just SOME of them, I’d like to announce that the latter has prevailed! As much as I’d love to post everything right off the bat, breaking it up will mean less stress over Ellebay blog material PLUS serve as a great way to hype our website’s launch. Speaking of… a brand new Ellebay website will be up soon. Look at that – this blog post is already doing its job 😉

To start this series off, here’re some photos of Alissa and Krysta together. Stunners, aren’t they?

And just because an upcoming wedding isn’t a pinnacle component to getting emotional over wedding dresses…
Alissa H. is modelling our Kate Dress // Krysta U. is modelling our Maya Dress

Stay tuned for more!
– Gaby Bayona

Photography : Jeremy Jude Lee
Jewellery : MCT Designs
Behind The Scenes : Stephanie de Best & Ching-Lin Lo
Make-Up & Hair : Kyla Slusar
Models : Krysta U & Alissa Hansen


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