The “Cassandra” Dress

Last night I had the pleasure of spending the night with some family, which was awesome for a lot of reasons but I’ll narrow it down to three.

1) Twas a night accompanied with stellar company, delicious sushi, and a whole lotta (8-year-old-appropriate) television.
2) Twas a morning filled with green tea, coffee, and avocado-havarti-egg open faced sandwiches.
3) Lastly, twas able to sit down and BLOG. And not just one-off posts, I pre-organized like 10 of them. I’m set for the week. #Score

This one’s called “Cassandra”, and I love the material of the skirt 🙂

Dress Specs:
Bodice : Silk Seersucker Chiffon
Skirt : Taupe Petal Chiffon
Band : Black Raw Silk
Lining : Ivory Charmeuse

– Gaby Bayona

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