The “Kelly” Dress

So here’s the story: I wrote and prepared this a couple of days ago, and even clicked “Publish” yesterday before I left for dinner with a friend. However, some higher force prevented the posting of this. Loveeely. Anyways, here’s what was supposed to be posted yesterday, and a new post will be coming up soon! Enjoy 🙂

” Happy Valentines Day! To celebrate the occasion, here’s one you all haven’t seen yet, even IF you’re a regular on our blog, facebook, or my twitter. It’s called “Kelly”, and this one’s designed by Merly Bayona (my mum!) “

Dress Specs:
Bodice : Off-White Raw Silk
Skirt : Off-White Raw Silk
Lining : Off-White 100% Cotton

– Gaby Bayona

Model : Alissa Hansen
Photography : Jeremy Jude Lee
Jewellery : MCT Designs
Make-Up & Hair : Kyla Slusar


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