All the fashion-folk out there are well aware that the Fall/Winter 2012 runway shows have been running full force these past few weeks. I’ve been keeping up with the shows (as a fashion student is expected to do!), and have been pin-pinpining everything/anything that catches my eye. Last night I was looking through my little collection, and was surprised at just how much inspiration was before me! Honestly, I looked through the shows whenever I wanted to take a break from work, and didn’t think it would turn into a resource at all. Leave it to me to accidentally do work for the shop during my breaks from working at the shop.

You know where this is leading. A string of posts about the Fall/Winter 2012 fashion shows, from an Ellebay standpoint. One thing I found particularly exciting were some of the colours that kept on popping up on my pinboard. So inspired! Slow season come faster- I want to design new dresses for the shop!

OBSESSED with this shade of red. It’s so exciting and such’a statement!

From left to Right :
Monique Lhuillier // Valentino // Giambattista Valli // Lanvin

Blue, featuring a little bit ‘o charcoal or tan… Magic. Potential graduation dress colour scheme?

From left to right:
Kenzo // Issey Miyake // John Galliano // Marc by Marc Jacobs

I adore Chloé for its beautiful and care-free designs. This season was certainly no exception! These colours and divine, and I particularly enjoy that pop of mustard yellow in the picture on the far left.

From left to right:
Chloé // Chloé // Chloé // Chloé

And of course we have a few of my favourite colours! The soft palette featured above sums up the majority of the gowns at Ellebay. Definitely gonna use these colours again next season. I especially like the gold/cream combination (4th photo) and the grey/pink combo (2nd photo).

From left to right :
J. Mendel // Dior // Dior // Rachel Zoe

– Gaby Bayona

Btw, the pinboard I made can be found here! 🙂


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