For those who have Ellebay on facebook this’ll be old news, but for those who just check the blog, this’ll be rather exciting! In 10 (hopefully short!) days, we’ll be packing our bags for Los Angeles, California!

Though it would be awesome if this little trip was strictly for pleasure, its true cause is for business. We’re going on our first ever business trip, and will be sourcing materials at a fabric trade show! We prefer dealing with the local companies (and would if we could), but we’ve been having issues with reliability. Namely, if a fabric runs out unexpectedly, we’re the ones who need to talk to clients and figure out alternatives. That, or purchase our material at a traditional retail store for 40% – 150% more than what we had originally purchased it for.

Ellebay’s only two years old, so these mistakes are expected. This past year has certainly helped me build a thick skin and realize the importance of planning ahead. It’s also given me a strong idea of what I want in a fabric supplier :  reliability, availability, convenience, honesty, and (of course!) pretty material. Really, the first four ring true in most of these situations.

I’ll be blogging a bit about my preparations for the trip, and of course be blogging non-stop while I’m there! Looks like my pre-warned absence isn’t much of one at all 🙂

 – Gaby Bayona
PS: I’ll let you all know about our temporary store hours from this trip in my next post!

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