The Making Of The Wanda Dress

It’s funny (in a depressing kind of way) how it’s so easy to wake up at 5:30 AM on my sleep-in days but so hard to wake up at 8 AM when my alarm goes off on the weekdays. I tell you – whatever part of my brain that deals with my sleeping habits has a mind of its own. Kinda like it’s playing rebel and purposely scheduling my waking hours around when I should be dreaming (and vice versa with my sleeping hours). Oh, sleep. You win this time. On the positive side though, I have time to make a very very very long overdue blog post on this topic!

A few months ago, my mum created The Wanda Dress. During this time period I was very in and out of the shop due to final exams/projects, so wasn’t able to take many photos or blog about the process as I normally do For all the ladies who’ve looked at this gown at the shop and tilted their heads to the side whilst trying to figure the bodice out, here’s a glimpse at how it’s done!

The making of the bodice. Considering how long it normally takes to create a gown at Ellebay, the top alone took AGES to create.

Lots of needles, hey!

What it looked like after certain parts were hand sewn, the edges run through a sewing machine, and the whole thing ironed flat.

At this stage the skirt was being created. It’s too bad I didn’t take pictures, as the process of making the layered skirt looked pretty neat whenever I stopped by and saw it!

For those who haven’t seen it before, here’s the finished product!

– Gaby Bayona

PS: My mum and I are leaving for Los Angeles this MONDAY to go fabric sourcing for Ellebay. So excited!!


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