Off We Go!

It is 10:03. Our flight to LA departs in less than 10 hours. Have we packed yet? Most certainly not. Instead, I’m blasting every song in my iTunes library with the keyword “California” and looking for good places to eat in LA. I can’t believe how quickly our flight date has come!

For those who don’t know, Merly and I will be flying to LA tomorrow morning for a fabric convention. We’re so excited to bring new materials to our boutique, and design some new dresses for next season! Here’s what we plan to get:

French laces
Beaded fabrics
Sequinned fabrics
Pretty trims
Chiffon in pretty pastel colours
Textured silks in various shades of white

We have tons of exciting things planned for Ellebay and it’s thank to all of our supporters and clients that we’re able to continue doing this. Thank you, so much 🙂

We’ll be away from Monday – Thursday, and of course I’ll be blogging every day about our adventures abroad. Our temporary hours can be found here. Talk to you all tomorrow!

– Gaby Bayona


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