Los Angeles : Day One

Today began early, and with very little sleep. Those who know me well are quite aware that I thrive at night and counter this with a love for sleeping in. Can’t believe I spent the whole day without a single nap or accidental doze. This never happens!!

Rather than explain my flight / check in / taxi / ect, I’ll tell you some things that I found interesting.

  1. There wasn’t a SINGLE copy of The Hunger Games at YVR. There goes the plan to finish it while I’m away.
  2. The taxis in LA have bullet proof glass separating driver from passenger. I felt like such a delinquent.
  3. It wasn’t as warm as I thought it would be. However, no rain in sight, so whewff!

The first thing we did once we checked in was head to a seminar! This one was called “What A Buyer Wants From A Young Designer”. Learned lots and the speaker was amazing!

And of course right after, we grabbed a bite to eat. We hadn’t eaten since morning; we were starving! We stumbled into this cute little place right across the road called “The New Moon”, and I was quite happy with our meal and service.

That’s my momma!

Love fortune cookies –  they’re generic enough to apply to everybody while still being thoughtful enough to make you smile.

Hanging out in LA’s Fashion District.

I’m definitely going to need to explore this place before I leave. Was googling around and apparently Santee Alley’s pretty cool and only a one minute walk from the California Market Centre! Talk to you all tomorrow 🙂

– Gaby Bayona


2 thoughts on “Los Angeles : Day One

  1. Hello! I use a Canon T2i, but owe a large part of the end result to my lens (50mm 1.4) and the manual function on my camera (youtube has great tutorials for this!)

    Checked out your blog btw – great stuff! Might have to look into purchasing a Chanel nail polish 🙂

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