Outfit 114

Day three in LA! Opted for something a little more casual cause I wanted to walk around downtown LA. Not gonna lie – it’s a tiny bit sketchy. Felt it would be appropriate to dress in something low key and sensible. PLUS, I was able to play cheap student and bargain a couple dollars off all my purchases. Not too shabby!

This photo was taken in the middle of the fabric district in downtown. You see the fabric shop in the background with TONS of material? Times that by a hundred and you’ve basically summed up the whole four blocks.

I’m going to keep this forever and ever.

One of the shoes I bought yesterday!

My companion all day. I looove backpacks; it’s all I ever use when I’m back home. Speaking of home, Herschel’s a Vancouver based company – how wonderful! Also, purchased this bag from an awesome online retailer that happens to be owned by a few friends of mine. Totally recommend them, and it’s great to support local businesses! They’re called ABC Denim; check out their website here if you have a chance.

Anyways, off to dinner! I’ll post something new before the day’s over which maaaaaay have to do with some new materials we bought and will be bringing back to Vancouver tomorrow 🙂

– Gaby Bayona


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