Confession : This was sent to us on Friday, but I only had time to blog about it now. I love getting these, it’s like christmas for me.

Ellebay had a few girls request a deep red, and the material finally came in! I ordered a bit more than needed because I’d love to design a red dress for next season.

When I had first ordered this silk seersucker chiffon, I thought that the white looked too white, so I opted to get it in a cream colour. A couple of months ago, however, a client asked for the seersucker in white, so we special ordered it for her. Now that I see a big piece of it, I have to say that it’s quite beautiful! Might have to order more than 10 meters next time.

Linings, linings, linings! These aren’t super exciting, so I didn’t bother to take them out of the bag just yet. The cream coloured one to the right is what we make our “Lizzie” dress out of 😉

– Gaby Bayona


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