Store Design

Ellebay switched locations last October, and since our big move I’ve been struggling with a clear vision of what I’d like the store to look like. Don’t get me wrong – I’m happy with our space and LOVE the brick wall the boutique features, but there isn’t much of a unifying quality, theme, or what have you. After the initial (and dedicated) week of failed layout attempts, collecting inspiration for Ellebay’s store design became more of an afterthought and hobby. Then last night (well, technically REALLY early this morning) I found this:

It was off Coco Rocha’s pinterest (the girl has amazing taste!), and I fell in love right away. It would be a perfect fit for Ellebay’s exposed brick wall and our wall of vintage patterns (which I plan to do more of)!

Then, if things couldn’t get any better, I found THE most amazing Victorian coach at one of the antique shops on Front Street this afternoon.

This sparked a sudden urge to look for more ideas; first stop pinterest. Right now I’m leaning towards something industrial, with pretty twists here and there. It’s perfect, because Ellebay’s turning into a bit of a dress-making factory of pretty airy dresses. Here’s what I LOVE:

Love the desk

Shelving made from old crates. Would be great to display shoes / jewelry / accessories / fabric. Also perfect for decorative accents or bridal magazines!

The wood, the chalk, the hanging pictures! ❤

Love these lights! I was looking for them when I was first working with Ellebay’s contractor, but couldn’t find anything suitable. Also, I adore the mannequin form and mismatched mirrors.

Of course, these are all still thoughts! Hopefully it’ll turn into reality during our slow season though 🙂

– Gaby Bayona


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