A Tour Of The Ellebay Sewing Room

Happy Easter Monday! It’s been a while since I posted, mainly because we’ve been too busy with this year’s season to do much more than sew (which makes for boring blog material… trust me). However, I just realized how easy it would be to do a blog post about our sewing room! Sooo, here it is 🙂

For all those who’ve been in the shop and wondered what that big room in the back is – that’s our sewing room! It’s where the magic happens.

Besides the eternal state of chaos, the first thing you’ll see is this iron. The water carton is where the iron’s steam comes from and that noose-looking contraption is where we hang out gowns which need’a be steamed.

One of the things currently on the ironing board. This is the top from our “Carina” dress!

Part two of what’s on the ironing board. Once trimmed and sewn, this will be the foundation for our “Emily Jane” dress.

What’s a sewing room without mannequins? The gold mannequin to the left has NO purpose other than taking up space (I hate it but my mum loves it), while the green mannequin is our go-to dress form for almost all of our gown projects.

See what I mean by chaos? Here’s what’s happening in these shelves, from left to right:
White Shelving : Our threads, and grouped by colour
Blue Shelving : More thread, a few laces/ribbons, and a bunch’a random things
Other Shelves : Miscellaneous things following no order at all. I consider it Ellebay’s black hole junior- what goes in never comes out. Black hole senior would be our basement, hands down.

This is my sewing machine. It used to by my mum’s before she got a much better one. That sticker picture is me back when I was 9 or 10!

This was what I was working on. Trimming / matching “Lizzie” patterns all day every day.

And here’s what the pattern paper for the “Lizzie” dress looks like!

This was what I’d been working on for the past couple’a days. I’ve been obsessed with sewing skirts together lately.

This would be the VIP section for our work if there ever was one. It consists of:
1) Dresses that are going to be fitted later on in the day
2) Items that must be sewn/altered within the next 48 hours

Annnd, there’s my momma! She’s sewing the “Carina” dress that was on the ironing board earlier.

Last but certainly not least, here’s our view of the shop from the sewing room.

There’s a back room in our sewing area (where we store all of our gowns!), but this post is already getting too long. Maybe I’ll do a part two in a couple’a days 😉

– Gaby Bayona


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