Fabric Shipment… From France!

Yesterday I got a call from the post office letting me know that I would be receiving a shipment from France today. Not too long ago, I had placed an order through one of our suppliers that specializes in luxury French laces, so I wondered if this shipment had anything to do with that. I quickly dismissed the idea, however, because I hadn’t paid for the fabric yet.

When I opened the package, I was surprised to see the logo of the supplier I had ordered from.

And then, when I opened the package, lo and behold… the lace!! I am still pretty confused as to why they’d send it before I paid for it. Imagine a furrowed eyebrow with a smile, because surely that is what my face looks like right now.

The first one’s an ivory trim. This would be perfect for a veil! I’ve also got some dress design ideas featuring it.

A close up. It’s got such a lovely warm colour, and the detailing is superb!

This is the second piece from our shipment. This one I LOVE.

The detailing is amazing! It’s handmade in France, so each piece is unique and constructed on materials no longer than 6 metres!

Another angle of it just because I can. Lemme tell you – Ellebay’s going to have some gorgeous dresses next season. So many design ideas; if only we had enough time to make something! Stay tuned for when that happens 😉

– Gabrielle Bayona


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