Updates, updates, updates!

Because those are always fun, right?

A bunch’a cool things have been happening at the shop, with a few exciting collaborations happening next month! I’m gonna keep it under wraps for a little bit, but you betch’a I’ll be blogging the heck outta it when things start rolling. For now, here’re a few new things lurking around the shop!

I met with the always wonderful Marian a couple’a days ago to pick up some new additions to Ellebay’s jewelry case! I’m super happy with what I picked up; Marian never fails to make items that are lovely and sensible. Here’re some images that I quickly snapped from my front desk!

Freshwater pearls on a four layer wrap bracelet. Designed and made in Vancouver.

These are a re-order, but figured I’d feature it anyways. Gold/silver plated bangles with attached freshwater pearls. Designed and made in Vancouver. (PS: At $29, these are a fantastic price!)

Round freshwater pearl coin on a matte sterling silver flower ear stud. Designed and made in Vancouver.

Freshwater pearl and clear crystal quartz on a sterling silver hook. Designed and made in Vancouver.

This is a funny/frustrating story. A couple of weeks before my mum and I went to LA, we noticed that we were running dangerously low on business cards and needed to order some more. I was getting bored with the old template, so one very late night I whipped something up on photoshop and emailed it to the printer to get reviewed. Shortly after, I received an email telling me the design was ready to go into production, so I re-reviewed my work and gave them the go-ahead. I picked them up a week after and was super happy with the results… until my mum saw it and said this : “Gaby, these look great… but why is your cell phone number on here instead of the shop’s number?”. Stunned, I checked the card and found she was right. The worst part is that I ordered 5000 cards. Want our business card, anybody?

After way too many bad experiences with flimsy plastic bags, Ellebay has invested in some proper cloth ones!

Pretty nice, hey? Each of our clients will be given one of these nifty bags. However, there’s a lot more than meets the eye with these. Honestly, they can be used for all aspects of life. Here’re a few examples of its tremendous versatility:

You know how it rains ALL THE TIME in Vancouver? Well, look how this bag quickly converts to a huge umbrella for up to 5 people when turned at a 45 – 90 degree angle.

Do you ever feel an overwhelming need to nap at odd times and in odd places? Well, now you can finally succumb to the desire with the Ellebay sleeping bag!

Now you see me, now you don’t. Pretty darn unreal how I just disappeared like that, hey? Who needs an invisibility cloak when you got this.

Didn’t think things could get anymore amazing, did you. When worn as a cloak, Ellebay’s dress bags let you fly.

Annnnd, here marks the end of this post. Sorry if I got a little weird (happens to the best of us), and take care everybody!
– Gabrielle Bayona


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