Ellebay Playlist #22

I have been looking forward to April 21st for months. Months and months and months. And finally this day has arrived. Tonight, after work, I’m going to be seeing COLDPLAY, live in Roger’s Arena.  You betcha I’ve been playing their music non-stop at Ellebay.

I’ll be singing/yelling the “ohhhhh-ohhh-ohhh-oh-ohh” part obscenely and unguardedly loud when they play this one:

This one’ll send me down memory lane:

I’ll purposely say “brown eyes” instead of “green eyes” if they play this so I can pretend Chris Martin’s singing to me:

This one’s my favourite Coldplay song (I even took the time to learn it on the guitar!). If they play it I might just burst into tears from being so happy.

I honestly want to put every single one of their songs in this post, especially the ones from their Viva La Vida album. But, I am running out of time (I need’a start heading downtown for the show!) so I’ll refrain.

– Gabrielle Bayona


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