Redesigning The “Maya” Dress

It’s been a while, a long while, since I did one of these. I’m planning to do the bulk of Ellebay’s dress designs in July / August / September, but this one’s urgent, since Ellebay no longer has our beloved “Maya”!

Late last year, our supplier broke some sad news to us – the manufacturer for the silver sequinned material featured in the above photo had discontinued the fabric. Luckily there was a fair amount of the material leftover, so we snatched up everything in stock. We thought it would last us a while, but apparently not, as “Maya” proved to be our most popular gown this season.

So here I am, five months later, writing this blog post. We ran out last month and sold the in-store sample the day we made it officially on sale, so a redesign is definitely needed! I want to keep the shape but freshen it up with a new colour scheme. When my mum and I went to LA to do some fabric sourcing, we found this and I just knew that it would be a perfect replacement.

Love this fabric. More of what we picked up in LA can be found here. Here’s the colour scheme I’m thinking of using. It’s based off a look from Dior’s Fall 2012 show ;).

I placed a fabric order for a charmeuse in this silver colour and just received it yesterday. I’ll definitely be putting together on the mannequin tomorrow (or later today)for you all to see!

– Gabrielle Bayona


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