Redesigning The Maya Dress #2

The past few days involved a whole lotta this, for both myself and especially for my mum:

April to June are always crazy times at the shop – grads, brides, and alterations seemingly collaborate into this big scary mountain of work that may not be as high as Mount Everest, but it feels pretty darn close. We’ve literally been working day and night (so it’s a good thing we enjoy what we do!).

One of our clients rescheduled an appointment from today to Sunday, so we had some extra time last night to work on Maya’s redesign.


Boy, am I glad that we have a pattern for this now. I remember in the early days of our “Maya” dress when my mum freehanded each and every one of the bodices (which worked, but was so time consuming!).


Next, I had to put the skirt’s lining together. We try to avoid the serger at all costs (this kind of finishing looks pretty terrible on a wedding dress!), so instead I sew the skirt together then flip it over and sew the seam to hide any raw edges.

 Originally I had wanted a soft pink, but had to go with the same silver as the top because our supplier didn’t have soft pink in stock. Oh, to be at the mercy of what’s available.

As you can see, we’re using the same skirt featured on our past “Maya” dress. It was such a hit that I really don’t see any reason to change it!

 – Gabrielle Bayona

PS: If there’s time I’ll be posting something new tonight or tomorrow!


3 thoughts on “Redesigning The Maya Dress #2

  1. I’m saddened and excited about the news of the redesign of the Maya dress.. I was originally looking at it for my wedding next year…!

  2. I’m pretty sad about it too! Maya was my favourite dress in the shop, and the silver sequinned material was so much fun. If you’re looking for a wedding dress though, Ellebay recently received a super gorgeous beaded French lace that I plan on using for another Maya redesign. Stay tuned! 😉

    – Gaby

    1. I will for sure, I’ll be popping in again in august/september to take a look at some dresses! Can’t wait!

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