The Completed “Maya” Redesign

This gown has been made for a few days, but only now have I had time to breath and make the blog post! I blame it on wedding/grad season and my tendency to have the worst time management when it comes to school projects.

Presenting, 2012’s take on “Maya” 🙂

As you can see, we stayed very true to the spirit of Maya. Can you spot any changes? Read on for a breakdown of what’s been done!

This is definitely the most notable difference, and the reason for the redesign in the first place! (For those who don’t know already, our silver sequinned material got discontinued.) We based the entire colour change on our brand new soft pink sequinned material, which lead us to a light silver lining throughout

The sides are a teenytinybit less revealing, and the train has been shortened. You can’t really tell there’s much of a train because I’m short even with 4 inch heels, but trust me on this

We changed up the draping on the skirt because we felt it was too randomized before! This time around we’ve made the pick-ups longer and taken a few yards of chiffon out of the skirt. Even without three yards, we still need 10 yards of chiffon to create the skirt – pretty crazy!

The “V” still goes pretty low, but of course that can always be pinned up 😉

And don’t forget that this dress is completely customizable, so the old “Maya” design can be replicated 100%, as long as the silver sequins aren’t included!
Take care, and I hope you like it 🙂
– Gabrielle Bayona

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