A Gown By A Sister, For A Sister

I’d say it’s about time for a new blog post, wouldn’t you agree?

Apologies to all that check the Ellebay blog regularly – saying that things have been busy at Ellebay would be an enormous understatement. My mum and I always joke that May is “survival month”, but it’s really more of a reality than simple jest. Faaaar too many 3 AM nights have been happening in the Ellebay sewing room these days.  
Better too much work than none at all, right?


As some of you know, Ellebay has three superstar interns that come in a couple days a week to help/learn. Anna, our very first intern, has a little sister named Vivian who’s graduating this year, and of course she took it upon herself to create a one-of-a-kind prom dress! Vivian popped by Ellebay today to do a final fitting for gown, and my jaw honestly dropped when I saw her in her dress. Seriously, we need to make this dress at Ellebay. With a little assistance from myself and more-than-a-little help from my mum, Anna’s created a masterpiece.

Anna let us know that this was the first time Vivian had worn a long dress. I have to say – if this is her first time, she’s off to a great start!

The bodice’s design was created by both Anna and my mum. Pretty spectacular, hey?

Separated strap, oh yes.

My mum, Vivian, and Anna!

Anna’s finishing up this gown as I write this blog post; can’t wait to see it finished! Great work Anna, we’re so proud :’)

– Gabrielle Bayona


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