” Why do women wear veils? ”
 The common answer is to symbolize virginity and modesty, but my favorite explanation is both ancient and Roman (the former years always seem to be more exciting than the present!). According to their beliefs, a veil was worn due to the “evil spirits” that gravitated towards the bride as she walked to her groom. These spirits were unpleasant things, and sought to make the bride “un-pure”. Thus, veils were a sort of protecting apparatus which would confuse the spirits and protect ones dignity. (Love really is a battle field!)


Ellebay has gotten its fair share of custom veil orders this season, so next week we plan to devote a day to finish everything up. If we manage to be productive enough (crossed fingers!), we’re hoping to design some new ones. I’m pretty thrilled to work on this project; it’s a much needed creative break from all of the alteration and gown orders we’ve been doing as of late.

Here’s some inspiration obtained from my favorite site of all time. Hope you like what you see!

adore the notion of having a lace trim on a veil. It’s a a beautiful touch of detail and the perfect dash of elegance.

I’m not crazy about the lace they used on this veil, but I am quite fond of veils that unassumingly sit atop one’s head!

Does it just look dreamy?

Here’s another take on the comb-less veil. So very beautiful.

This is one of my favourites! Hand sewing beads to tulle would be time-comsuming, but so worth it. Also, how fun would it be to try out pearls or coloured crystals?

Speaking of sparkle n’ shine, how great does that embellishment look on the birdcage veil?

I kinda have this thing for lace trims right now.

The styling and hair for this veil is absolute perfection.

Last but not least, check out this avant-garde veil! Such a work of art.

 – Gabrielle Bayona


4 thoughts on “Veil-spiration

  1. Hello, I just stumbled across your website and have fallen absolutely in love with every single dress you have designed. Honestly- I cannot pick a favourite. The petal chiffon and pink sequin fabrics have literally made my heart beat faster. I have no plan on getting married soon, but if the day ever arises I would happily trek half way across the world to try on your gowns. x

  2. Jade,

    Thank you for your kind words; you definitely put a smile on my face. When that day comes, I’d be happy to work with you in designing and making a wedding dress 🙂

    – Gaby

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