The Red & Gold Dress // 3

 It was certainly a strange thing, having so much colour on our sewing room floor. Strange, but not a bad thing at all. After a season of only using soft pastels in all of our dress designs, I think I’m ready to break into bold colours.

But until then, I’m excited to show you what went on during the second fitting of our newest gown!

We quickly sewed some boning in before doing the fitting. It’s a bit abrasive when directly touching your skin, but it gives you a better idea with what the fit will actually be like!

Shadows and a shallow depth of field makes this boning look a lot more intense than it is in real life.

And voila! Beside the bodice sitting a bit too high (you can tell where I had folded it down to the proper height), the foundation of the gown is pretty spot on.

And NOW, time for the exciting part. We’ve done more than our fair share of full length gowns, and lately I’ve been obsessed with everything high-low (even with t-shirts, I love to just tuck in the front bit so that the back is longer…  my friends can attest). Last season we had a couple girls mention the idea of doing a high-low skirt on a graduation gown, so it just made sense to kick off our graduation gown designs with a style I love and has been requested already. 

After my mum shortened the front, of course I had to do a little walking back and forth. I wish I had a video, and not a picture, because air gets caught in the back of the skirt and trails behind unlike all of our other gowns.

And theeeen, I stepped on the gown and made this face. Apparently another good reason to walk in the gown is to make sure things like that don’t happen. We’ll definitely have to fix that, and we’re thinking about shortening the front of the gown to show off more leg! We’re so excited to finish this!

– Gaby Bayona


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