The Silver & Black Dress // 1


In my last post I discussed our latest fabric shipment, but I didn’t mention what happened after. Sure, it may have been past midnight, but my mum and I are both insomniac and work obsessed. Rather than go home, we stayed at the shop until 3:30 am and started working on a brand spankin’ new dress design.

It’s black!

I should really stop cutting fabric on the floor, considering how big our cutting tables are and how sore my back gets. Habits are so hard to break.

One huge issue we have at Ellebay is the copious amounts of fabric that goes to waste, especially when we cut the pattern for the “Maya” dress. What I’m doing here is cutting “Maya” first, with the intention to use the waste material as something to use for our newest gown. Yes it takes longer, but at least we don’t feel guilty about throwing perfectly good fabric away.

The bodice’s components are completely cut! Clockwise, we have a hard sew-in backing, the pattern itself, interfacing, and the bodice’s material.

– Gaby


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