The Silver & Black Dress // 2

I’m in my final couple of weeks of school, and all I want to do is sew and design dresses. I just don’t wanna study or do final projects – feel me? One thing that I’ve realized and come to appreciate, though, is where my mind wanders in my (many) moments of procrastination. Thinking about what you could be doing instead of studying really makes you want to do things. Out of my procrastination for school has come motivation to enjoy my youth and work hard once it’s all over. Two weeks, can’t wait 🙂

Here’s what was done recently on our newest dress design, and happy Wednesday everybody!

Ironing interfacing onto the bodice. I have a bit of a problem with leaving the hot iron on the cotton iron board covering, which is why it’s so blackened. We’ll definitely have to change that soon.

Sewing on an additional hard backing to the bodice pieces, cause extra support is never a bad thing!

Some trimming & matching on the Ellebay front desk. I love doing this, because when people walk in they’re always so fascinated that these pieces will eventually turn into a dress!

A bit of skirt draping and shaping, done by my mother!

Attaching the bodice to the skirt in preparation for a dress fitting. That’ll be my next post, if you’re interested in where all this preparation will take us!

– Gaby


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