The Silver & Black Dress // 3

Ellebay is in dire need of a new fit model, because at this rate all of our new gowns are going to be size four. If only my mum could miraculously birth/grow some daughters that are size six, eight, and ten. Another solution to this problem would involve me following in the footsteps of Christian Bale and being all the sizes, but something tells me that wouldn’t be very healthy (I know, a crazy conclusion).

Anyways, here’re a few snapshots from my first fitting!

You guys are probably gonna get sick of always seeing this bodice pattern. Truth be told, many of our gowns are built from this and later modified to a different shape!

Needles for guidelines. We’re making the top of the bodice sit low, and we’re giving it a sweetheart neckline.

Oh, and did I mention a slit? This one’s sitting a little high, but that can always be fixed in my next fitting.

Until next time,
– Gaby


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