The Lace & Sequin Dress // 2

It’s been a beautiful few days, and of course I’ve taken it as an excuse to ditch the computer for a bit to enjoy Vancouver’s ever fleeting sunshine. But I’m back, and with a new post about the making of our new dress! Today’s some behind the scenes, and tomorrow will be the first fitting. Exciting 🙂

There was so much cutting. I was downstairs for what felt like ages laying out the pieces and cutting out the puzzle.

Ironing the pieces. We’re going to line this gown with cotton (that breathability factor is just oh so lovely), but the cotton is always wrinkled coming out of the roll. I get the exciting job of pressing everything down.

Serging the sequins! We use our single needle industrial sewing machine 95% of the time, but this particular material just needed to be serged.

Sewing in boning. Everything looks so pretty underneath my sewing machine’s lights.

Excited to show you guys the first fitting!

– Gaby


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