The Lace & Sequin Dress // 3

Did a quick first fitting on me, but the photos were BLURRY (ahem ahem, mother). So, it looks like we’ll have to skip to this gown’s second fitting! Don’t worry, you didn’t miss much. Second fittings are always the most interesting.

Also, huge thanks to Cheylene for fit modelling! You’re great 🙂

Sequins. This honestly looked so great as is. Not very bridal, however!

I am so short next to Chey!

I’ll show you all the finalized design during my next post. It’s different than my original plan, but I like it better. The more I design, the more I realize the dangers of getting too attached and involved in a specific idea. It’s kind of like a horse with blinders, you just can’t see the big picture if you’re focused solely on what’s in front of you.

– Gaby


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