The Maya Dress

Once again, we are redesigning Maya! It’s been a journey with this gown; allow me to explain.

Almost two years ago, I designed a gown which ended up being our most popular, a gown called Maya. At the time, we were buying all of our material from local fabric shops, which meant we were very much at the mercy of what they had in stock. As Maya grew in popularity, the availability of its most popular attribute – a beautiful silver sequinned fabric – became scarcer and scarcer. Early this year, it got to the point where we had purchased all the silver sequinned material in stock from all of the local fabric shops in the lower mainland. In March, we flew to LA hoping to find a good substitute, but were faced with huge minimums that simply would not work for a small business. We did, however, find a suitable replacement – a soft pink sequin.

Then, almost two months ago, Ellebay’s main supplier introduced a bunch of new fabrics, and a very similar silver sequinned material was one of them! Obviously I was overjoyed by this fact.

So, hopefully for the very last time, Maya is being revamped. Similar to the original, but better.

– Gaby


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