Outfit 132

A few shots a friend took of me before I went to gastown to meet up with another friend! Not exactly something that I’d wear while working at the bridal shop, but why not mix it up with these outfit posts, right?

PS : I love that red toque. I buy 80% of my wardrobe from thrift shops, so it’s hard for me to buy things like shirts/blouses/sweaters (especially sweaters) at full price. So, when my aunt took me belated birthday shopping last week, I looked around for the stuff that’s hard to find at the New Westminster Salvation Army. Things like shoes, scarves, toques, gloves… you get the picture. We wandered into Artizia (home of overpriced everything) and I looked around for just that. I found a lovely grey wool toque that would do the job, and as I was trying it on in front of the mirror, one of the sales associates stopped and looked at me. She told me that I would be the kind of girl that would appreciate a little red toque. And you know what? She was right. Goodness gracious I adore that little red toque of mine. Thanks tia 🙂

– Gaby


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