The Sequinned Godet Dress // 3

You’ve been patient! I’m impressed. I’ll admit I’ve been a bit lax with blogging – I go through phases where I go blog crazy and write 2 weeks worth of posts in one night, and other times where I just can’t seem to do it. However, today can’t be described by the latter, and I’m happy to be blogging again! It’ll be back to every other day for the next while 🙂

Back to the dress. For a while I’ve been wanting to do something with sequin godets, and I kinda just went with making the skirt without figuring out the top. People seem to love Maya & Kate for their low backs, so I figured it was about time we did something with a dramatic back, and a different play on straps. Here’re some snapshots of the first fitting of the bodice!

SequinGodet1SequinGodet2SequinGodet3SequinGodet4SequinGodet5– Gaby


2 thoughts on “The Sequinned Godet Dress // 3

    1. Thanks Natalie! It’s “Sin” from “MAC” and I love it! Be sure to check out “Rebel” and “Russian Red” (the perfect red!) from them as well – they’re my favourites! 🙂

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