The “Shannon” Dress

It’s the last day of 2012, and what better way to end it off than with a sparkly gold gown? A big congratulations to Shannon, for being the first gal to order it (and giving the dress a name!). You looked beautiful in it, and we’re excited to get to know you better during your dress fittings 🙂

I was initially unsure about this gown. I’ve seen myself in countless dresses, so whenever I try a new dress on it’s difficult to be completely happy. However, as soon as Chey put this gown on, I just knew. Nothing needs to be changed or added, it’s perfect as is.


Dress Specs :
Bodice : Rose Gold Gemstone Sequin
Band : Taupe Metallic Satin
Skirt : Almond Chiffon (I’m obsessed with this colour – it goes with everything.)
Lining : Taupe Stretch Satin

GoldAlmond1 GoldAlmond2
– Gaby


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