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It’s a few days late, but HAPPY 2013! I’m sitting here trying to fall asleep (but who am I trying to kid), so I figured I’d put together a little month-by-month of the past year, both for you and me. It scares/amazes me how quickly this year has gone by, but most importantly I am thankful for how blessed and lucky I’ve been at the shop. I’m sure I can say the same for my mum too. Thank you.


January :
We had finally settled into our new space at 708 Columbia Street, and prepping for our product shoot was underway. Got to work with some talented people, and got some great images thanks to their help. Anna & Ching-Lin started interning for Ellebay also – our very first interns! Love you girls to bits.

Thank You : Jeremy Lee, Kyla Slusar, Alissa Hansen, Krysta U, Stefanie Cepeda, Marian O, Caroline, Ching-Lin Lo, & Anna Cheung.



February :
Got photos from Jeremy Lee, sent them off to friend / graphic designer Jeffrey Britanico, and Ellebay finally got a proper website! I had lots of fun posting a dress a day on the blog.



March :
We went to our first fabric convention, and it was in LA! School (for me) and peak season at the boutique meant a hectic schedule for my mum and I, so it was certainly a nice little getaway.



April :
 We got so much fabric. We started buying material in bulk, and I must have carried over 2000 meters of fabric into the shop’s basement that month. We also started working with a new supplier, and got beautiful laces from France! I have this thing for French lace. We also got new business cards and proper dress bags!



May :
This is the month when my mum and I do not sleep. All of the grads happen May/June, and most of the weddings May/June/July/August. For us, this means lots of final fittings, lots of alterations, lots of pick-ups, lots of last-minute adjustments.



June :
May melted into June. Another month of no sleep, but we sure made some beautiful things. It’s hard to stay stressed/grumpy for long when you get to make dresses all day. I also got an iPhone this month (aka I got instagram).



July :
Grad season wrapped up and made way into a manageable wedding season. It was so nice to sleep. The best experience. We also made this dress, worked with a new notions wholesaler, and began a huge basement renovation project.



August :
This was a good month. Our workflow was the perfect amount, the weather was beautiful, and things were happening. Took our interns to Seattle. Alix and Nicole started interning. Did photo shoots with friends. Did photo shoots with photographers. Finished school. Renovated the shop. Made and altered so many new things for myself. Sewing Club. We made Nicolina and Cristen this month too! Good month.



September :
Made so many things this month! Veils, this one, that one. I also made my first dress without help from my mum. It wasn’t anything super great (hence the lack of any blog posts about it), but hey – gotta start somewhere.



October :
So much time was spent in the shops basement, and with the best people. We also made this dress.



November :
November is dead at the shop.  Barely anybody walks in, and we have hardly any appointments. This means time for new samples, and we did just that. During this month, we made 5 new gowns, but I only had time to blog about Kirsten! I also had time to explore New Westminster and have a bit of an obsession with this city.



December :
December – that just happened, didn’t it. What a crazy year it has been.


All the best, you guys are the best. I’m excited for 2013, and I hope you are too 🙂
– Merly

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