The “Juliana” Dress // 1

Last year our two most popular wedding gowns, by far, were “Carina” and “Kate“. Plenty of orders means plenty of customizations – it’s inevitable when you have a custom dress shop. Many people kept “Kate” as is, but many people opted to change the skirt on “Carina” to something sleeker, more refined. When almost half of your orders include that change, that’s saying something right?


Usually I put one of our detachable chiffon skirts over Carina’s existing one, but it’s always hard to visualize a sleek final product because you’re wearing two skirts. And that was the case with one of our brides, Juliana. I told her that I’d whip something up over the weekend with a simpler skirt, and I did! I think she thought I was joking, but I was completely serious. Needless to say, she ordered the reworked “Carina”, and we now have a “Juliana” dress! Congrats Juliana!

I’ll keep you all posted with the design process of this one 🙂

– Gaby


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