Instagram Sundays // 1

Those who know me know I love instagram, so I have no idea why it took me so long to make one for Ellebay!

I made an account a few days ago, and we’ve had tons of support on it. It’s really encouraged me to post there regularly, and it’s also the basis for a new category on this blog! Something to wrap up the week and keep you all up to date.

Instagram Sundays

IMG_4844 ———————————————

C H A N T I L L Y //

Our pup, Chantilly, is the best. She cuddles and watches us sew and has the most beautiful pup face! We adore her.

IMG_4954 IMG_4929


P H O T O S H O O T S //

The weather this week was gorgeous. Pictures just had to be taken. I did a couple last minute shoots with my friends Julia and Torri, and am so happy with how the photos turned out! I’ve already posted 1 of the 5 dresses, and cannot wait to share the rest 🙂

IMG_4968 IMG_4874


H E R E & T H E R E //

Some random photos taken around the shop!

IMG_4876 IMG_4875 IMG_4940


F O L L O W U S //

(If you’d like)

Our instagram is ellebaybridal !


– Gaby


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