Instagram Sundays // 4

Random little fact about me – I hate being sick. I’m well aware that nobody ever wants their health compromised, but I honestly feel like I turn into the worst person the second I become bed-ridden. All I can think about is all the other (and better) things I could be doing, and these thoughts just tumble around my head until I become stressed and hot headed and extremely unpleasant. For the past few days I’ve been just this (apparently I got/have bronchitis), and it’s been a lot of oil of oregano / echinacea / lemon honey tea + a heavy dose of don’t talk to me just leave me alone. However, I’ve been taking care of myself over the past few days and I’m happy to say I’m feeling better! Which is good considering…


N E W   Y O R K  //

IMG_5966 Booked this last Monday, leaving this Monday! I’m going to be doing some sourcing, but really who am I kidding – I just want an excuse to go to New York.


B E H I N D   T H E   S C E N E S  //


Our sewing rooms have been busy! With the majority of our first fittings happening this month and next, we’ve been in gown making overdrive. And I really do mean that – even though I was sick this week I still got in around 70 hours of work. So thankful for our two new interns at the boutique, and am excited for the rest of wedding/grad season!


S O M E   P E R S O N A L   S T U F F  //

IMG_5982 IMG_5983

Those who know me well are very aware with just how obsessed I am with New Westminster. It’s a long story, but I found myself in the running to sit on the city board, and got elected on Tuesday! I’m super excited and cannot wait to be part of making New West the best it can be.


I N S T A S H O O T  //

IMG_5958 IMG_6106Continuing on with my series of instagrammed dresses, this week I posted Nicolina & Juliana! As always, huge thanks to Devan! You can follow her on instagram at ‘dgeselle’ 🙂

– Gaby


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