New York ///

It’s been a crazy/amazing couple of weeks, and I’m so happy to finally have some time to blog about what’s been going on!

First thing’s first : NEW YORK

I went for two reasons :
1) To do some sourcing for Ellebay
2) I just really really wanted an excuse to go to NY


New York was an absolutely phenomenal and inspiring city. There was a certain energy & purpose that resonated from its residents; you could tell people were passionate about what they wanted and just went and did it. People made things happen, rather than wait for things to happen. I love that.


D A Y   1  //

IMG_6132Monday morning / afternoon I did a shoot with Jeremy Jude Lee Photography, and literally right after I was on the road on my way to Seattle! Flying from there (rather than YVR) saved a few hundred dollars. Money that could be spent on better things … like shopping on 5th Avenue 😉

IMG_6134Waiting. We took a red-eye flight. Departure at 9:40 pm, arrival in NY a bit before 6:00 am. Definitely barely slept on that plane ride.


In the NYC airport at 6am! Course I would take a selfie while waiting for luggage.

IMG_6142The sunrise was beautiful. Not a morning person, but love mornings.


Excuse the sub-par photo, but look! Manhattan.

View from the NY High Line! Super pretty. Was also very windy!

Day one also got cut short because I was so tired I literally threw up. True story. Luckily a mid-day nap fixed everything, along with a great meal and early sleep!


D A Y   2  //

IMG_6164We stayed in a charming apartment in West Village, which was the most beautiful area. Also, weather was great! Weather was great the entire trip – sunny and not too cold for February.


The subway system was remarkable! Literally can get everywhere.


Central Park. Super chill. I would sit and read here on a good day.


Times Square. Super not chill. So much of everything!


The Fashion District was amazing. I’ve been to the one in LA, and was expecting something similar. Boy, was I in for a shock. NY is a million times better. I could have spent my entire trip wandering through here.


To keep things efficient, I organized a bunch of jobber meetings. This one was my favourite! Lace galore.


So much to choose from! Vancouver seriously needs this.


Mood Designer Fabrics was extraordinary. Could have spent the day here. Could have lived here.


D A Y   3  //


love exploring. Especially old buildings. The apartment we stayed at had creaky lopsided stairs that led to the rooftop!

IMG_6216See what I mean about beautiful weather? New York rooftop chillin’. This was incredible.


New York has the most amazing buildings. Gotta come back and explore these.


Spent the rest of my day afflicting some major damage on my credit card. Major. Went to SoHo, went to 5th Ave – need I say more? The store pictured above was my favourite. It’s called 3×1, and they do custom denim that’s all made in house! Kinda like Ellebay, only we do wedding dresses 🙂

Afterwards, watched a show on Broadway! Didn’t get a picture, but happy to cross that one off my bucket list!


D A Y   4  //


Final day in NYC was probably the most beautiful. I ended up taking my jacket off, it was warm! (PS, that’s Madison Square Garden in the background!)


Seriously… these buildings are insane.


Spent the last few hours walking the Brooklyn Bridge & exploring Brooklyn!

IMG_6287 IMG_6288 IMG_6294 IMG_6303 IMG_6324Can’t believe it was only 10 days ago that I was walking this. I want to live in NYC for a bit / I’m gonna live in NYC for a bit.

All in all, amazing trip! Can’t wait for my fabric samples to arrive, and to create some beautiful dresses for you guys. I’m feeling inspired.

Thanks for reading 🙂
– Gaby


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