The Ellebay Look Book // 1

For the past few months, I’ve been planning for Ellebay’s first look book with Kristy Ryan of Blush Wedding Photography and Chiara DeMutiis of Kailey Michelle Events. It’s been an awesome and inspiring process, and I’m so excited to share it with you all!


We did the shoot last Sunday, and though I only had time for a two hour nap over the span of two days, there was so much positive energy that I didn’t feel tired at all. I couldn’t have imagined a better team, and I truly feel like we made magic.


Just as exciting as the shoot was the process leading up to it. I’ve been doing Ellebay with my mum for the past couple of years, and though I have a distinct aesthetic, I never took the time to sit down and figure out exactly what that was. Planning for this look book really made me think of what Ellebay is, what direction I want to head in.

It’s all about knowing your aesthetic.

One night, it all just made sense. It was one of those things where I started writing out thoughts and my writing just got faster and faster and made less and less sense but made so much sense at the same time. I figured it out.

Some thoughts :

How can I be original? How can I set myself apart? What’s my niche? And really, it’s obvious. Girls like me. Girls who don’t want a wedding “costume”. Something that’s expected because of tradition. White, frills, poof, constriction – “bridal”. Brides who don’t feel the need to conform to a certain expectation of what a wedding dress should be like. Girls who aren’t afraid to be different – embrace colour, embrace fun, embrace themselves. They want a dress that is just beautiful, and makes them feel that way without even needing to try hard. And that’s how we’ll be unique, that’s how we’ll set ourselves apart, that’s how we’ll create something truly special and original. I want to create wedding dresses for girls who aren’t looking for wedding dresses.

 – Gaby


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