The Ellebay Look Book // 2

One thing I definitely do not want is to just be another bridal designer. In fact, I want to be a bridal designer that doesn’t design “bridal” dresses. Because of this, while collecting inspiration for the look book I made a point to not look at anything “wedding”.

Kristy, Chiara, and I were drawn to two things : words & images

I’ll talk images during my next post, but for now, words.

e6a9c62be4d8956e338be3d320ac38ce b77488e6d861f9cea0b60cd20dde8b1d 614341bf3cff5652b7da0230047955f8 f2f29114ffa5295673f2e51c21b505d7 aced69ca22c529fb378fda809ad43c92 04825b2d34e2e80aee57e1e2fc21851a efaa14b6092c71b32af6d00fb9ed432f 35100925b61fd09786717755821fed72

– Gaby


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