The Ellebay Look Book // 3

While looking for images to draw inspiration from, I made a point to not look at “wedding” photography. I turned to one of favourite sites, pinterest, and repinning anything / everything that caught my eye. I didn’t over think what I pinned at all, in fact – I had a pretty blank mind while browsing through page upon page of inspiration.

After a solid couple of hours, I took a moment to go through my pinboard. What was immediately apparent was the similarity of all my images – there was definitely a theme going on!

Allow me to break it down.

these GIRLS //

fd929ebca9b22fc51d59cd501e63b5a4 f18f1d3d0909de52cc4de70108953e86
9fb6a7fe386ca81534992918c75b771a 895f10648364990d75b56b1fc6e0dd64
these DETAILS //


these QUIRKS //

d87222d76f75a8ef4a5d6d6547d74defca94fe820e33f22b794c62a1561fff7c 2e6f4e1c8345ed8c100ccabb2eae317f 218f3dddfcd62384b21846ac137f585d

this MOOD //

4c2bf239087206f4fbe9f593f680f16e 7bdbda27bae30f464f4c2841c036b8ba bc97c5ddc6275cf0b2a256b0594e171cIf you’re interested, check out my complete pinboard HERE!

– Gaby


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