The Ellebay Look Book // 4

Hey, still here – just been a bit preoccupied with wedding & grad season! Just when I think life can’t possibly go any faster, it revs its engine and jolts forward – taking me with it. I’m not complaining, but it’s certainly taken a toll on my blogging time.

I’ve managed to find some time tonight, so now back to where I left off!

Our shoot took place at this lovely century-old hotel called Arundel Mansion. It’s got charm and character, and is such a little gem just a block up the street from Ellebay!

IMG_7656The whole hotel experience was just great – from the quirky innkeepers to the fake cafe to the electric elevator with double doors you need to close and open yourself! Just loved it. And it was perfect for the kind of look I was going for! Here’re what the rooms looked like before Chiara and I spent an entire evening of room prep.


T H E   R O O M S  //

IMG_6421Our main room. Chiara and I spent the most time on this one, creating three different sets! We rolled the rugs up, pushed most of the furniture to the side, pushed the dining room table against the wall to the right, removed the blinds, draped fabric & cut-out hearts all over … the list goes on!

IMG_6430Our other main room. This one had beautiful wallpaper, and we made use of it! We also were fortunate enough to use the fire escape connected to this room, and it made for some stunning photographs.

IMG_6438This room had great wall paper as well, and the vanity made for some stunning photos! It was fun to shoot in this room (for me, at least!), because we were able to watch the action while sitting on the bed.


This room turned into our prep room! We set up an area for hair & make-up, hung all of the dresses up, had a mini food station, and kept a bunch of extra supplies in here.


T H E  A F T E R M A T H  //

Chiara (of Kailey Michelle Events) was amazing to work with, and was such a trooper during our unbelievably long day. She ran errands before meeting up with me at 5 o’clock, and we worked all the way till 1am! The shoot was the next day at 7am, and was a solid 12 hour day.

I didn’t take too many photos during set-up night, but I managed a few!

IMG_6522IMG_6521IMG_6519 IMG_6523 IMG_6518 IMG_6513

Midnight coffee and crinoline runs. It was all worth it though 🙂
– Gaby



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