Lazy Monday

Bride to be, so much to do.  Where to start on no other our famous lazy Monday. I like to use Mondays for journaling my design plans. Very simple, pick up a pen and starting writing the pro’s and con’s of your ideal wedding dress. Keep in mind its your big day and you need to own it. So, don’t short change yourself or compromise. The question you have to ask yourself is; do you want your dress to be romantic, traditional, red carpet, dramatic, sexy , conservative or offbeat, oh and don’t forget to match it up with your dream location church ceremony, beach wedding and the garden gatherings among others. So where are you going to research ideas for your dress, bridal magazines, internet , bridal shops and sometimes you could get lucky looking at grandma’s or mother’s antique wedding gown maybe with a little alterations if needed. Well, there you go I have given you enough to work on today. Good luck . Remember I am here for you , Until next time . Merly


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