SOoooooo! Okay, here what’s happening at ellebay; I have 19 more dresses to make until September of 2013. Plus alterations from all over the place. Can you imagine what would be like working at ellebay?  “In a chaotic state”. Ask our interns!. Honestly!!. I worked until 4 in the morning to catch up. Any complaint? not really. Do I love my job? yes, absolutely!!.Can you imagine being part of so many bridal event that I’m part of because I make their wedding gown, Altered bridesmaids dresses, mothers,etc. Do I like doing it? definitely yes!!.
I accomplished daily schedules by not following my agendas but by following my gut. Here’s what I meant. I like working under pressure but don’t get me wrong I also panic when I look at my 1 week schedules because one day I have 3 appointments and the next I have 8 appointments. No wonder I have so many white hair already, I thought to myself.
Here’s what I meant; I do not touch any of my work until my body and mind allows me so. MIND- thought, intention, to think, to understand and pay attention to what I am doing, my purpose and my memories, and health of my brain.” Headaches, migraine, sickness and stress distract my concentrations. If I’m tired my body won’t allow me to work. So I go home and sleep. It allows me to heal.
If I’m angry of something I give myself space to calm down, to breath and to gather my composure.
this complexion allows me to work better everyday. I do one thing at a time memo though, to complete my task in a daily basis. and most importantly, I do not rely on my own knowledge and understanding but depend on GOD daily. He give me strength everyday, He comforts me in times of my loneliness and sadness, He embraces me and keep me company every single day of my life. I call upon His name, I ask for help, I simply surrender my life and everything to Him. I am His child and He is my heavenly father. He accept me and love me the way I am. My prayer for you all following this blog is that God wii be with you always and I assure you whatever you’re going through in your life, If you call upon His name and surrender your life fully to Him He will take care of you and no matter how heavy your burdens are He will carry you through. He proved it to me over and over again.He know me better more than I know myself. He knows my heart very well, He knows my thought. He knows what I needed the most.That’s how great our GOD is. So everyone I urge you to find time to know Him better before it’s too late. Remember, heaven and hell is real. where you gonna go when you die? There’s only 2 choices either you follow the wide road that leads to your distraction, that’s hell. Or the narrow road goes to heaven.So, read John 3:16, Romans 12:1-6, Psalm23:1-6 My hope is to give you insight of living even just a little glimpse of my daily life at ellebay bridal of how I dealt with “too much work too little time”

To: Our past and present, brides-to-be and graduates-to-be, We are honoured to have and be part of your very important event for a life time.Thank you for your business and trusting us makes your dress. We will strive to make you comfortable during and after your visit.
Next week I gonna start my 2014 collections. So, stay tune. Until next time again.

Take care everyone



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