The story begin with this dress

DSC_0100I  introduce you to Rachel Hill from Winnipeg MB.

Rachel came in our shop looking for a Prom dress. She showed me a picture of the dress she like and our Gabriela’s dress is similar to what she looking for only with 2 straps on it but unfortunately that was sold out.  So, of course with confident  as a designer and a maker I know right away what to do. She tried on Kirstin dress, Emma and aka;Larissa, and now a new modified  dress.  She look absolutely gorgeous  on this dresses and a stunning young lady. So, at the end she settles with Kirstin’s dress, (bless your heart Kirstin). with a strap. But before she made a final decision she have to  check on others store first,” which is cool to me” just to be sure. After few hours she came back with a biggggg smile on her face and say YES to the dress :).

Okay, great! in my mumbling quiet mind I said to myself, okay Merly you have few days to put this dress together for first and second fitting today and I did! I’m very happy I did it 🙂  Nat, our intern saw it on my face how happy I am to finish the dress in a short time period. So enthusiastically I ask Nat to help her dress up.

Ohhhh boy! ohhhhh boy! Guess what happened!. THE COLOUR IS WRONGGGGG 😦 . She wanted RED!   Can you see the colour of this dress she’s wearing? this is the dress I made for her. This is what I’m talking about! HUGE mistake. Do you know how I feel? excruciating!  I told them how mad I am to myself. And guess what! just look at their faces, It says it all!. There is no sign of anger or blamableness towards me. how amazing is that. If all people like this mother and daughter duo, Hallelujah!!!!! You both are great! Thank you :).

I have to finish this dress because Rachel and her mum going back to Winnipeg this coming Friday! Wish me luck guys!!!!!!!!!!




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