If you already been at ellebay and saw what it  looks like before, here’s what  the ellebay look like inside now!  Today I just clean the whole day. arranging furnitures, throwing out paper, dusting, vacuuming and cleaning my sewing room. What a day!

11:00 pm, I finally finished cleaning! Having my late dinner, and time to relax : ).

DSC_0422 I Like working at night. I do blogging at night. The tranquility of the night gives me peace of mind and clarification  of my thinking.  For example; the night before yesterday night I planned to clean and rearranged the furnitures.  Then yesterday night I start moving furnitures around, it’s a big messed. Today, the whole day, as you can see the result of my hard work. I do the same thing when I design and sewing. When I do blogging I can think what I should write about and what words I gonna use and what story I gonna come up with.  When I sleep I dreamt of so many good things that sometimes when I woke up I laugh so hard because of the natures of my dream. The calmness of the night gives me freedom to think carefully and creatively. The  serenity of the night gives me peace and the stillness of the night I talk to God. At night at ellebay I can turn my christian music so loud and nobody cares. That’s how beautiful my night is!.

Very soon  the pictures of our 2014 collections. Stay tune : ). Thank you all!



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