COURAGE TO CHANGE one day at a time


Recently I learned about a crisis in the life of one of my love ones. Today while trying to work, I found myself slumping in my chair, depressed and distracted. Soon, all thoughts of work had fled, and I was busy projecting a horrible outcome to my loved one’s crisis and dreading the ways in which the consequences  might affect me. The slogan, “One day at a time” remind me that, in spite of my fears, I don’t know what tomorrow will bring.

Why I am leaping into the future? Perhaps I’ve given my feelings no room to exist. Part of me gambles that by worrying in advance, bad news will be easier to face if it comes. But worrying will not protect me from the future. It will just keep me from living here and now.


You needn’t explore how you’ll feel about something that might occur in the future. You don’t actually know how you’ll feel, and it may never happen. So when you feel leaving the present, remind yourself that the future is not today’s problem.



I learned that I bound to fail to make someone else stop drinking because  I am powerless over alcoholism. Others in our  fellowship group had failed as well, yet they seemed almost happy to admit it. In time I understood : By letting go of this battle we were sure to lose, we became free.

Gradually I learned that nothing I did or did not do would convince my loved one to get sober. I understood intellectually, but it took time before I believed it in my heart.

Later, when my loved one chose sobriety, I found new ways  to apply this principle of powerlessness. Although I was tempted to check up on the numbers of fellowship meetings attended and to protect the alcoholic from anything upsetting, I had accepted  that nothing I could do would make or break another person’s sobriety. After a while, I saw that my fears had little to do with the alcoholic. Instead, I turned around and work on my own sobriety.


When you are able to admit that you are powerless over alcohol, your life becomes more manageable. Today, take the path to personal freedom and serenity that begins when you surrender.

Until next time! and keep on reading 🙂 Cheers to everyone!


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