DIVERSION:  To act of diverting or turning aside from any course; that which diverts or turns  the mind or thoughts away; what turns or draws  the mind from care, business or study, and thus relaxes and amuses.

DIVERGE:  To tend or proceed from a common point in different directions; to deviate from a given course or line.

You may ask me why I blog about other topics besides bridal? Well, I will tell you a little bit about me.  For instant; I constantly changed and re- positioning  the arrangement of my furnitures at home. At ellebay whenever I had a chance, I cleaned the entire shop and re-arranging  the furniture as well. When I designs and make dresses, I do different techniques to perfection. When I blog, I like diversification. I like to touch base the common things that some bloggers do not like writing or to talk about.

SO WHY I WROTE ABOUT IT?  I knew so many people that struggles alcoholism. My two bothers are alcoholics. My uncles, my nephews, friends. Some of them was killed and murdered because of alcohol. I am in this business industry that people will tell me their story about their family crisis.  How alcohol destroyed their family, marriages, friendships, finances, and so on and so forth. I read so many books related to the topics that gives me more knowledge about this discussion and gives me courage to write them on this blog for anybody who need this the most. I encourage you to read books with this regards and reach out to family and friends who might be able to help you with your situations. It’s not too late to have courageous act to change your life forever for the better. Ask God for help. If you’re sincere to get better, God will never say NO to your request for help. He will never leave you nor forsake you. He will always by your side and within your reach. Just reach out to Him. Pray, or talk to Him as in you’re talking to your best friend. even though He already knew about you; but still, tell Him about you. Your troubles, your problems, your struggles to get sober, your family, your love life. Anything and  Everything. If you feel like screaming to your lung or crying out loud, get it out from your system, God will understand.

I would like to help you with this issues of: UNDERSTANDING ALCOHOLISM

What is alcoholism?

Alcoholism is a desease which can be arrested but not cured. One of the symptoms is an uncontrollable desire to drink. Alcoholism is a progressive disease. As long as the alcoholic continues to drink, his drive to drink will get worse. If the disease is not arrested. it can end in to insanity or death. The only method of arresting alcoholism is total abstinenceA. Alcoholism is a lifetime disease. Most authorities agree that even after sobriety, the alcoholic can never again control his drinking once he starts.  There are many successful treatments for alcoholism today. Alcoholics Anonymous is the best known and widely regarded as the most effective. Alcoholism is no longer a hopeless condition, provided it is recognized and treated.

Who is an alcoholic?

All kinds of people are alcoholics; young and old, rich and poor, well-educated and ignorant, professional people and factory workers, housewives,mothers. Only about three or five percent of alcoholics are “bums” or skid row types. The rest have families and jobs and are functioning fairly well. But their drinking affects some part of their lives. Their family life, their social life, or their job may suffer. It might be all three. An alcoholic is someone whose drinking causes a continuing  and growing problem in any department of his life.

Why does the alcoholic drink?

The alcoholic drinks because he think he has to. He uses alcohol as a crutch and an escape. He is in emotional pain and he uses alcohol to kill that pain. Eventually, he depends on alcohol so much that he becomes convinced he can’t live with out it. This is obsession.  When some alcoholics try to do with out alcohol, the withdrawal symptoms are so overwhelming that they go back to drinking because drinking seems to be the only way to get rid of the agony. This is addiction.  Most alcoholics would like to be social drinkers. They spend a lot of time and effort trying to control their drinking so they will be able to drink like other people. They may try drinking only on weekends or drinking only a certain drink. But they can never sure of being able to stop drinking when they want to. They end up getting drunk even when they had promised themselves they wouldn’t. this is compulsion.                                               

I will continue this discussion  next post!  Thank you for reading!


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