Away for three months in three weeks time! Updates!

I left my country “Philippines”, 29 years ago, and this is my third time since. My main reason  is to see if I could set a small sewing shop with few seamstresses there, so that I don’t have to work long hours, seven days a week here in our shop in Vancouver, B.C. Canada. Sometimes I had 2 hours sleep or no sleep at all. I am an Asthmatic person that need a change of work environment  to have my lung heal in the process. As a seamstress, I cannot avoid the dust and the fibre and the chemical from the fabrics I’m working on every single day. I breathed in the dust that circulating the entire room and  I know someday and soon will kill me. As you know, (I know some of you do not care, but I have to tell you anyway) Sometimes I have 3 to 4 times asthma attack daily and I think it’s way too much. So, I need a change. Real change!

Other reason is  to talk to my two alcoholic brothers, and to my entire family that sometimes   ……..You know what I meant about talking to THE FAMILY!!!!! dysfunctional.  To see what my 86 years old mother’s up to.  My farm that I bought last year when I went there, and the house that I bought this year while I’m here in Canada, and to visit my father’s grave. So, for this year trip I hope there is no mishaps happen. Wish me luck every one as I do not know what’s ahead of me when I get there. I will keep you updated as the time goes by. Cheers! 🙂

Merly Bayona


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